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Harbest Hydrobest is our in-house brand for agricultural irrigation solutions. Using the best of Israeli, Italian, Indian, Malaysian, and Chinese irrigation parts, pipes, and fittings, Harbest's team of in-house engineers can customize irrigation systems to fit your needs. From densely planted leafies and herbs to fruiting vegetables to orchard and plantation crops, we have options for you. Contact us with your inquiries and see what irrigation solutions Harbest Hydrobest can provide for you today. 

*Site inspections, visitations, and design and quotation creation are paid services deductible from the potential project cost.  

Irrigation Parts Catalogue

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Patak Ani

For those looking to try out the benefits of drip irrigation before deciding to invest in a full system, Harbest Hydrobest Patak-Ani is a DIY drip irrigation kit good for small scale farm plots from 200 to 1000 sqm. depending on the crops you are planting. Patak-Ani contains a basic filter, transport lines, drip-tape, and a complement of fittings and valves for you to customize. Best of all, it requires very little pressure to run; just connect to an elevated water tank and allow gravity and Patak-Ani to irrigate your crops.

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