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Since 2002, Harbest has been trusted with installing over 2,500 greenhouse projects all over the Philippines. Our greenhouses are inspired by Taiwanese and Israeli designs, combining design elements of the two to bring you the best protection against damaging pests and weather conditions, while still being sturdy enough to tolerate high winds and heavy rain.


18 m x 3.3 m x 3 m (minimum area of 60 sqm.)

Our smallest standard greenhouse design, the Maligaya is an ideal structure for a vegetable seedling nursery, or for 2 beds of vertical farmed high-value crops. Recommended as a starter greenhouse for those who wish to familiarize themselves with greenhouse farming, or for those who wish to have a protected nursery for their seedlings.


20 m x 5 m x 4.5 m (minimum area of 100 sqm.)

The Gardenia is our mid-size standard greenhouse design, able to fit 3 beds of vertical farmed crops like bell peppers and honeydew, or 4 beds of high-density, high-value crops like arugula and kale. With a convenient area of 20 m x 5 m, Gardenia can be placed easily in any part of your farm.


20 m x 10 m x 4.8 m (minimum area of 200 sqm.)

For those who require maximum ventilation without compromising on pest protection, the Sagada features a vented roof design that allows outside wind flow to pull hot air out of the greenhouse. Recommended for cool and breezy climates where colder weather crops require protection from sudden temperature changes.


24 m x 10 m x 4.8 m (minimum area of 240 sqm.)

Our biggest standard greenhouse design, the Netanya is inspired by Israeli greenhouses built to allow farming even in harsh desert conditions. The sawtooth roof design allows good ventilation without compromising the aerodynamics needed for structural resistance to strong winds, and at 240 sqm., almost any high-value crop can easily be grown and protected.

Capsula Low Tunnel Greenhouse

4 Rows of 22 m Tunnels (minimum area of 88 sqm.)

For those who find a full-size greenhouse structure impractical, consider using Capsula Low Tunnel row covers instead. A simple system of UV film, superfine net, or both are stretched over spring steel arches cover your low crops and provides good protection against sudden changes in weather and temperature. Ideal as rain or pest shelter for leafy or salad vegetables, and used to great effect as protection against volcanic ashfall during the Mayon eruption in 2018

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