Seeds of Hope


Open Pollinated Varieties (OPV)

Seeds of Hope Open Pollinated Varieties are an ideal and sustainable choice for the home gardener. These varieties are beginner-friendly, stronger against stress and diseases, and are great seed-savers for future planting.


List of OPV Seeds

Crop and Variety

Ampalaya (Dyosa), Amaranth (Green, Red), Arugula (Arugula), Bunching Onion (Long White K.), Bush Sitao (Sumilang), Cabbage (Gladiator), Chinese Cabbage (Tropical Delight), Carrot (Marchew), Chinese Kale (Kai-lan), Corn (Lagkitan), Cowpea (Mabunyi), Cucumber (Poinsett), Eggplant (Purple Beauty), French Beans (Merci), Herbs (Italian Parsley, Thai Basil, Fennel, Lemon Balm, Dill), Hot Pepper (Panigang Best, Pinatubo), Kinchay (Catmon) Lettuce (Romaine, Lollo Rossa), Mustard (Magiting), Okra (Smooth Green), Onion (Super Creole), Patola (Sagana), Pechay (Black Behi, Pavito), Choy Sum, Pigeon Pea (Kadios), Pole Sitao (Swabe), Radish (Makinis), Snap Bean (Luntian), Squash (Matikas), Sweet Pepper (Marilag, Tinker Bell), Tomato (Dyesebel), Kangkong (Upland Kangkong), Upo (Tambuli), Winged Bean (W. Bean).


Marigold (Bounty Yellow, Marvelous Orange, Marvelous Flame)


F1 Hybrid Varieties (F1)

Seeds of Hope F1 Hybrids are high-quality commercial varieties made for the professional farmer. Boasting big harvests and excellent uniformity of yield, F1 varieties are a must for those looking to start or upgrade their farming business.


List of F1 Hybrid Seeds

Crop and Variety

Asparagus (Ky Bush, Green Pod K.), Amaranth (Hu Shien), Bottle Gourd ( E. Happiness, Long Life), Bunching Onion (Fragrant), Broccoli (Green King, Chief No. 2), Cabbage (S. Summit), Cauliflower (Farmers EE), Coriander (Favor), Corn (Bright Jean), Cucumber (Fountain, Vantage), Eggplant (Charming, Fullness, Fortuner), Hot Pepper (Ascent, Cleopatra, Ky Sinigang, Red Hot, Django), Lettuce (Grand Rapid, G. Romaine, Red Rapid, General), Mustard (Bausin), Okra (Peter Pan, Greenie, Splendor), Pai Tsai (Ching Chiang, Brisk Green), Papaya (Red Lady), Pepper (Sultan F1), Spinach (Green Giant), Squash (Fairy, Phoenix, Suprema), Sweet Pepper (Vega), Tomato (Kingkong No. 2, Season Red, Niña, Diamante Max), Watermelon (Dragon, Jumbo Sugar Baby, Golden Boy, Dragon).


Sunflower (Sunbright Kids, Fantasy Mix, Vincent Choice)


Personalized Seed Packs

For your special projects, donation programs, or mass giveaways, why not consider a personalized seed pack? Contact us to learn how Harbest can create custom-printed labels for your preferred varieties using your logo, seal, or likeness for a more personal touch.


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