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Crop Protection

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Conventional pest control methods are somewhat complicated, requiring you to measure out your pest management inputs depending on the issue you are encountering. Supernet only requires a clear or white surface to be sprayed on, and you'll almost immediately see its effect in attracting pests and insects away from your crops and onto its sticky surface. Reduce your application of pesticides with Supernet.

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Fruit Fly Trapper with Methyl Eugenol

Specifically formulated to target fruit fly (Bactrocera Philippinensis) pests, which can devastate important fruiting crops such as mango and bitter gourd (ampalaya). Just a few drops of Methyl Eugenol placed in our fruit fly trapper will instantly attract male fruit flies and trap them away from fertilizing the female fruit flies. A quick, hassle-free method of control, reduce your application of fruit fly pesticides with Methyl Eugenol.

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Specially formulated to target the diamondback moth (Plutella Xylostella) pests, a serious pest of upland vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and napa cabbage (wombok). Harbest Labmi is an alternative pest control method that attracts diamondback moths away from your field to be trapped in the sticky trap of your choice.

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