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Bonsai Pots and Materials

set bonsai pot.png

Rectangular Bonsai Pot

Available Specifications:

9 x 12 x 5 cm

10.5 x 15 x 6.5 cm

13.3 x 18 x 7.5 cm

15.5 x 21 x 8.9 cm

18 x 27 x 10 cm

22.5 x 32 x 11.5 cm

33 x 45 x 16.5 cm

Colors: Brick and Coffee

BONSAI POT (A) WIDE EDGE 30.7x37.6x2.63cm - COFFEE.png

Wide Edge Bonsai Pot

Available Specifications:

19.5 x 24.5 x 9 cm

24.1 x 29.3 x 10.3 cm

30.7 x 37.6 x 2.6 cm

Colors: Brick and Coffee


Bonsai Wires

Aluminum and Copper Wire

Bonsai wires are used to form bonsai branches into the shape envisioned by the artist. 

Available Specifications:

1 Kg and 100 g

1.2 mm

1.5 mm

2.0 mm

2.5 mm

3.0 mm

3.5 mm

4.0 mm

4.5 mm

5.5 mm


Buddy Tape

Special tape used for grafting.

Available Specifications:

- 30 mm x 60 m

- Store in a cool dry place. Avoid exposure to high temperatures or direct sunlight.

- Do not soak in water. Avoid exposure to high humidity.

pruning shear short with hand.png

Pruning Shears

Great for pruning fruit and flower trees, shrubs, and bushes. Also used for bonsai, flower arrangements, and other gardening purposes.

Available Specifications:

Pruning Shears (orange handle) 

Long-nose Pruning Shears 

Short-nose Pruning Shears 


Trimming Shears

Used for cutting leaves, twigs, and small branches.

Available Specifications:

BT-028 Stainless Trimming Shear

KS-104S Trimming Shear

blue plies.png

Professional Pliers

Available Specifications:
Blue Handle 
Made in Japan


Bonsai Saw

Available Specifications: 
BT-017B Fine 360 mm
BT-017C Rough 360 mm

professional grating scissor.png

Professional Grafting Scissors

Made in Taiwan

CHISEL 1.png

Carving Tool Kit

Used for creating different designs on the trunk of the bonsai based on the artist's vision.

grafting knife red handle.png

Grafting Knife

Available Specifications:
BT-015 Red Handle 
Made in Taiwan

Spherical knob cutter.png

Spherical Root Cutter

Available Specifications:
Used to make deep hollow cuts.

Concabe Brush Cutter.png

Concave Brush Cutter

Available Specifications: 
BT-002A 205 mm 
Made in Japan

Fine wire cutter.png

Fine Wire Cutter

Available Specifications:
Made in Japan


Rake and Spade

Made in Taiwan

Bonsai Brush.png

Bonsai Brush

Available Specifications:
Stainless Brush
Made in Taiwan


Lime Sulfur

Lime sulfur is used to sterilize the trunk of your bonsai. It can also be applied on shari to create a bleached look for artistic expression.

Bending Jack.png

Bending Jack

Used to bend the trunk of the bonsai tree.​

Available Specifications:

Extra Small