Bonsai Tools & Supplies


Bonsai Wires

Aluminum and Copper Wire

Bonsai wires are used to form bonsai branches into the shape envisioned by the artist. 

Available Specifications:

1 Kg and 100 g

1.2 mm

1.5 mm

2.0 mm

2.5 mm

3.0 mm

3.5 mm

4.0 mm

4.5 mm

5.5 mm


Buddy Tape

Special tape used for grafting.


- 30 mm x 60 m

- Store in a cool dry place. Avoid exposure to high temperatures or direct sunlight.

- Do not soak in water. Avoid exposure to high humidity.


Pruning Shears

Great for pruning fruit and flower trees, shrubs, and bushes. Also used for bonsai, flower arrangements, and other gardening purposes.

Available Specifications:

Pruning Shears (orange handle) 

Long-nose Pruning Shears 

Short-nose Pruning Shears 


Trimming Shears

Used for cutting leaves, twigs, and small branches.

Available Specifications:

BT-028 Stainless Trimming Shear

KS-104S Trimming Shear


Carving Tool Kit

Used for creating different designs on the trunk of the bonsai based on the artist's vision.


Spherical Root Cutter

Model: BT-021A

Used to make deep hollow cuts.


Lime Sulfur

Lime sulfur is used to sterilize the trunk of your bonsai. It can also be applied on shari to create a bleached look for artistic expression.


Bending Jack

Used to bend the trunk of the bonsai tree.​

Available Specifications:

Extra Small




Wound Sealant

A paste used to seal cuts in all woody plants. It promotes healing while preventing infections from taking place in your bonsai.

Available Specifications:

Fubao Wound Sealant

Wound Sealant 100 g


Hose Nozzle

Sprays a fine mist that is perfect for seedlings and bonsai. The light pressure of the mist makes it gentle for your delicate plants. 


15 inches length


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