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Plant Nutrition



Naturcomplet-G Granulated Humic Acid 25 Kg

Soil collapse is a result of the unsafe and unsustainable application of nutrients, where these bind to soil particles or other soil chemicals to form unhelpful compounds not useful to your plants. Sustainably capture soil and fertilizer nutrients with Naturcomplet-G, storing them safely until your plant needs them.



Naturamin-WSP Free Amino Acids 1 Kg and 100 g

Prevent flower and fruit abortion from drought, heat stress, or malnutrition, encourage new shoot and root growth after wind and water damage or recover chlorophyll lost from a lack of sunlight. With an 80% concentration of 17 essential free amino acids for your plants, Naturamin-WSP helps your plant protect itself from the effects of environmental stress. You only need 1 g per liter of water used in a leaf/foliar spray!

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Naturfos Brix and Defense Booster 1 L

Naturfos has a special formulation of phosphorous and potassium for a double-acting effect on your fruiting crops. The high concentration of potassium increases sugar content for higher quality fruits, while the phosphorous formulation induces the production of plant "antibodies" called phytoalexins to improve resistance against disease.

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Effective Micro-Organisms (EM-1)

EM-1 or Effective Micro-organisms is a mixed culture of microbes (Lactobacilli, Rhodopseudomonas, Saccharomyces, etc.) selected for their habit of processing waste material into less harmful substances for human, agricultural, and sanitation purposes. EM-1 is recommended as an affordable and effective method of improving soil health, fishpond health, composting, waste treatment, and odor control, among others.

Available Specifications:

EM-1 (1 Litre & 12 Litre)

EM Pares (EM-1 100 c.c. and Molasses 100 c.c.)

Molasses (1.5 Kg and 25 Kg carboy)



Earthworms are nature's great recyclers, consuming decaying organic matter and digesting it into a rich, clean material full of water-soluble nutrients easy for plants to uptake and use as fertilizer. This material is called vermicast or vermicompost and is a useful soil amendment and long-term fertilizer. For those among us who prefer sustainable nutrition and soil improvement program for their plants, vermicast is an excellent and easy choice to make in both a home garden or commercial farm.

Available Specifications:

2 Kg 

50 Kg

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