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Sir Brown Bokashi Bucket

For those who wish to compost their kitchen waste but do not have the luxury of space for a compost pile, a bokashi bucket is a clean and space-saving way to manage your waste sustainably. Chop up vegetable scraps into tiny pieces, add to the bucket with a liberal amount of bokashi, and drain any liquids out daily. Allow the waste to ferment in the bucket for 15 days then add to your garden as compost. Simple and stink-free.


Growell Potting Medium

Ready-to-use potting medium for growing seedlings. Used as a substitute for soil. Composed of carbonized rice hull, coco coir, & vermicast. Best used with a seedling tray.

Available Specifications:

8 Litre

20 Litre

60 Litre


Bokashi 1 Kg

Bokashi is a composting process that uses anaerobic or oxygen-free fermentation processes of the microbes in EM-1, particularly the Saccharomyces yeasts, to convert the carbohydrates in organic matter into alcohols, acids, and other useful chemicals. Harbest Bokashi uses a mix of rice bran, carbonized rice hull, and vermicompost inoculated with EM-1 bacteria to create a useful composting starter that efficiently breaks down and recycles organic farm and kitchen waste for future use as a soil amendment and improve soil health.


Takemura Soil pH & Moisture Tester

Model: DM-15

The Harbest Takemura Soil pH and Moisture Tester is a quick and easy way to get accurate readings for your soil's pH and moisture level with minimum effort and time. Simply dig a hole, fill it with water and allow it to drain, then plug the Takemura into the hole for a near-instant reading. 100% manufactured in Japan and requiring no batteries or moving parts to function, the Takemura will last you a lifetime.


Chilean Sphagnum Moss 150 g

Sphagnum Moss is used as a soil conditioner that helps the soil to hold water and nutrients by increasing its capillary forces and cation exchange capacity – these are particularly useful in gardening carnivorous plants, orchids, etc.

Perlite 2.jpeg

Perlite 1L

Perlite is mixed with soil for better aeration, water retention, and drainage for your plants.

Perlite 4.jpeg

Green Thumb Nursery

Designed as a ready-to-plant nursery for your urban spaces. The Green Thumb Nursery includes all the inputs you need to start your leafy vegetable garden.


1. Choice of 6 packs of our Seeds of Hope leafy vegetable seeds (Upland Kangkong, Ching Chiang, Brisk Green, Kailan, Pechay, Mustasa, Romaine, Lollo Rossa, Grand Rapid, or Choi Sum).

2. 6 bags of Growell Potting Medium 20 liters

3. 6 packs Vermicast 2 kg

4. Amino Plus Foliar Fertilizer 250 ml

5. 3 pcs. Planting Tray

6. 4 pcs. Seedling Tray 104 holes

7. 15 pcs. Black Square Pots

Features and Specifications: 

- All galvanized iron (G.I.) pipe frames.

- 2 layer roofing:

     UV Treated Polyethylene Film (PE) for wet season.

     UV Treated Mono Strand Superfine Net (32 x 32 mesh) for dry season/good air circulation.

- Hard plastic clamp for plastic holder.

- Packaged planting equipment (indicated in inclusions).

- Storage area for planting materials/seedlings (germination stage).

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