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Agri + Plas

AGRI + PLAS are products made from high-quality plastic resins that are used in agriculture to improve farm management, productivity, and the quality of your produce.

farmers happily fixing the plastic mulch

PE Mulching Film

Simplify your farm management and protect your soil from excessive nutrient depletion, soil erosion, and weed growth. Made in Taiwan using only 100% virgin polyethylene resin, Harbest mulching films are UV treated for extra durability against deterioration from sun and rain.

Available Specifications:

1.2 m x 0.03 m x 400 m 

Harbest's all-around mulching film, suitable for almost all common vegetable crops.

0.75 m x 0.03 m x 400 m

Suitable for single-row high-density crops such as sweet corn or sorghum.

1 m x 0.03 m x 400 m

Suitable for single-row or staggered planting of vegetables such as beans.

1.5 m x 0.03 m x 400 m 

Suitable for double-row vegetable planting, or for vine trellis crops which require a lot of space like watermelons and squash.

Weed Barrier with a leaf on top of it

Woven PE Weed Barrier

For those who want to invest in a long-term mulching solution for weed and soil management, Harbest's PE weed barrier is made from woven sackcloth for maximum durability. Apart from having all the benefits of our plastic mulching film, the woven material of our weed barrier is air permeable and is suitable for plants that need cooler soil temperatures. Available only on a per order basis. 

Available Specifications:

1.2 m x 50 m (Made in Taiwan)

1.2 m x 100 m (Made in China)


Trellis Net

If your crops are falling over from strong wind and rain, or your fruits are deformed or eaten by pests from contact with the ground, consider vertical farming with Harbest's trellis products. Support your crops with our high-quality culture nets and twine, and lift your fruits off the ground for proper shape formation and ripening.

Available Specifications:

Culture Net 7" x 7" x 2.4 m x 100 m 

All-around vegetable trellis net for supporting vine crops like squash and beans. Great for use in upright, a-frame, or box-type trellises. 

Flower Net 12 cm x 12 cm x 0.96 m x 100 m

Smaller trellis net for bushy or short crops. Used vertically to support crops with slender stems like tomatoes and flowers, or horizontally to support bushy, branching crops like eggplants and peppers. 

PP Twine pt1.png

PP Twine 2000 m

Polypropylene plastic twine used for vertical farming of individual plants with an indeterminate growth habit, such as cherry tomatoes. Our twine can be easily cut to size, spooled, and unwound to support your crops' continuous growth.

Oyster Twine.png

Oyster Twine 600 ft.

High strength twine for sewing sheets of superfine net together for large-area applications such as in Casa Verdura Greenhouse or custom-size greenhouses.


Grafting Tube

For serious hobbyists, nursery technicians, and researchers doing large-scale grafting operations, secure your scions and stocks with Harbest grafting tube. Cut pieces to size as needed, then cut lengthwise on one side to form a "c". Carefully insert the rootstock on one side, then the scion on the other, and gently adjust to ensure complete contact. Spray with water and allow your grafted seedling to grow.

Nursery Bench (Max Plas) lower res.png

Nursery Bench

Zero maintenance, durable work surface for nursery, propagation, or grow-out tables.

Available Specifications:

95.2 x 169.5 x 1.5 cm 

Greenhouse Materials

PE UV-Treated Film.jpeg

UV-Treated PE Film

Used as a roofing cover for greenhouses to protect the plants inside from strong winds and heavy rain.

Available Specifications:

110" x 0.005" x 150 m

110" x 0.006" x 200 m 

150 microns

7 m x 90 m

200 microns

7 m x 108 m

12 m x 75 m


Clear PE Tunneling Film (UV-Treated)

Protects seedlings and vegetables from heavy rain and strong winds. Used for low lying crops such as crucifiers and leafy vegetables.

Available Specifications:

2.7 m x 0.55 mm x 100 (T)

Shade Net.jpg

PE Woven Shade Net

Mainly used for greenhouse, nurseries, and hatcheries. Different mesh sizes diffuse light at different percentages. The shade net can also be used as a windbreak. 

Available Specifications:

20% shade 2.0 m x 100 m

30% shade 2.5 m x 30 m

50% shade 2.5 m x 30 m 

70% shade 2.5 m x 30 m