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We are Harbest

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Harbest Agribusiness Corporation was established in 1997, then as a distributor of high-quality hybrid seeds. From there, the various difficulties and challenges faced by the Filipino farmer were revealed to us, pushing our development of various products for each one. Today, our catalog of solutions include quality seeds for better productivity, agri-plastics for soil and seedling health, sustainable crop nutrition and protection inputs, climate-resilient greenhouse and irrigation systems, labor efficient machines like tractors and drones, and many more. With 8 branches and over 100 dealers and partners throughout the Philippines, we bring these products to Filipino farmers nationwide.



To provide a dignified life for the Filipino farmer, free from fear, hunger, and social injustice.

Our Mission


To find adaptable, practical, and high-quality solutions for the enhancement of agricultural productivity in the Philippines.

We Are Your Partner For Inclusive Agricultural Development

Forging partnerships with inclusive agripreneurship enablers across the public agencies, non-governmental organizations, advocacy programs, and industry associations among others.

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