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We Inspire and Share Agricultural Technologies and Practices




Harbest Agritech

For the past 20 years, Harbest has been implementing season-long training programs for vegetables and short-term fruit farming all over the Philippines in partnership with the DA, DAR, DSWD, LGUs, NGOs, and foreign agencies.

Our team of trained agriculturists provides free agricultural extension services to farmers and dealers through our 8 branches and field stations nationwide. 

Included under the Harbest Agritech belt is a partnership with SM Foundation's Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan training program for farmers which ran for 13 years from 2007 - 2019. Our company provided agronomic season-long training sessions to more than 20,000 small farmers, helping them improve their technical skills to produce high-quality vegetables and fruits. 


Harbest Urban Gardening/Farming Training

Harbest conducts trainings for edible gardening and farming. Trainings are customizable to what your organization or community needs. We also conduct online trainings with custom kits that can be used to follow the course.



The Harbest Educational and Livelihood Partnerships (H.E.L.P.) is our corporate social responsibility program that supports the development of quality farmers, in partnership with the government and private institutions or individuals. 

Harbest holds weekly seminars called Agribiz Kapihan with different speakers every Saturday at the Harbest Events Center. People are gathered to share experiences and learn skills related to farming and plant knowledge.


Agri + Engineering Division

Customize your greenhouse and nursery systems to your farm's needs. 

Harbest supplies a wide range of high-quality materials and accessories to assure efficient and quality produce.

Glass greenhouses for research and training purposes are also available upon request.

Contact us today and get a free consultation.



We design, install, and commission large scale plantation irrigation systems as well as small-scale systems for farms and gardens.


Drip Irrigation for orchard, vegetable, sugarcane, banana, abaca, corn, grass, & legume farms.

Fogger and misting systems for greenhouses, piggeries, poultry farms, restaurants, and resorts.

Different models of filters, fertigation equipment, and electronic controls.

Sprinkler system for plantation crops, vegetable plots, home gardens, and golf courses.

Patak-Ani drip irrigation kit for small vegetable farms measuring 100 - 2000 square meters. Designed to operate on gravity pressure. Patak-Ani helps in the production of high-value crops whilst costing you less time and money than traditional ways of cultivation and irrigation for commercial crops. 

Perforain Irrigation System - collapsible 100m long perforated tubes with accessories. We can help you design the system you need for your specific crops. This is a movable system that is easy to install and economical, assuring you a better yield. 


Harbest Agila Drone Spraying Services

It can take a skilled and disciplined farmworker up to 8 hours to properly and completely spray 1 hectare of crops using a knapsack sprayer, and this does not take into account the potential loss of spray efficiency due to fatigue by the end of the day. Maximize your spray protocol efficiency with Harbest Agila Drones Spraying Services, needing only between 12 and 20 minutes per hectare, and with programmable flight paths and spray ranges to boast an effective spray coverage of 98% on the outer leaf and 68% on the under leaf. Contact Harbest Agila and inquire about our spraying services today.

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