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At the service of Filipino farmers!


We are driven by inclusion and innovation

Since 1997, we at Harbest have provided our products and services to the Filipino farmer, realizing our passion for innovation and the sharing of our acquired knowledge to others as a driver of the agricultural industry. We engage in a business model with great emphasis on education and extension, showing farmers how utilizing our products maximizes crop yield and minimizes costs of production, all leading to better productivity and profitability.

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Our Communities

Harbest caters to a wide range of clients involved in various sectors of the agricultural value chain.

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Private Sector

  • Agripreneurs

  • Agribusinesses

  • Cooperatives

  • Distributors

  • Farmers


  • Foundations

  • Organizations

  • Hobbyists

  • Associations


  • State Universities & Colleges

  • Teachers/Professors

  • Scientists

  • R&D Consultants

Public Sector

  • Local Government Units

  • Regional Offices 

  • Government Agencies

  • Convergence Projects


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