for short-term, high-value fruits and vegetables

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Consumer awareness for clean and safe vegetables is growing and provides a great opportunity for farmers to produce crops that will satisfy this market. Improved agricultural technology offers a doable farm practices that our farmers can easily adapt and uplift their livelihood. The Department of Agriculture High-value Commercial Crops program has put emphasis on greenhouse and other protective culture of commercial vegetables as one of its main thrust in providing better livelihood opportunities for farmers.

HARBEST AGRITECH Teams of agricultural technicians are actively involved in teaching farmers  simple and doable technology to improve quality and increase yield of vegetable. Recently, an enhance training program is formulated to address the need for protective culture.


The PROTECTIVE CULTURE Techno-Demo and Training Farm Program is designed to train ordinary farmers in greenhouse cultural management of  selective short-term, high-value crops as well as open field planting using plasticulture.

  1.  Three-unit cluster of MALIGAYA-TYPE GREENHOUSE – 3.3m X 2.4m X 18 meters per unit or a total greenhouse area of 178.20 m2½’ diameter GI pipe will provide the main structure, bended on site 24 mesh super fine net, UV-treated to cover the whole greenhouse with GI pipe structure, Polyethylene 0.006’ thick, UV-treated roofing film, woven shade net for material for summer season planting
  1. One unit FAMILIA DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM for greenhouse installed at site. Water source and line to drip system should be provided b project proponent. The system will not operate without water supply.
  1. Total project area is 1,000 m2 including greenhouse space. The rest will be planted in  open field condition. In one location.
  1. Project duration is 75 days from first sowing.
  1. Project management will be handled by One Full-Time project manager and two full-time trainees. They should be agricultural technicians to facilitate their  becoming trainors for future replications in farmers farm level
  1. The once a week training module will be opened to about 40 farmer cooperators. This will be calendared by the Project Manager in coordination with the Harbest Agricultural Technician.

    There will be ten weekly training sessions. Topics will be programmed according to the crops planted. A Harbest Agritech agricultural technician will handle the hands-on training sessions.
  1. Crops to be included in the program will be:
    1. For greenhouse culture - melons, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage
    2. For open-field – eggplant, ampalaya, hot pepper, sitao, okra, squash and watermelon
  1. A HARBEST AGRITECH agricultural technician will be assigned to provide guidance to the project presentation. Greenhouse shall be constructed under the supervision of
    Harbest staff and local labor shall be employed by Harbest to provide assistance in the construction.

    The construction of the greenhouse and installation of drip irrigation system will form part of the training session.

    Please refer to the Training Session Course Outline
  1. Total Project Cost P300,000.00

    This is inclusive of the three units MALIGAYA-TYPE GREENHOUSE,
    The materials and supplies needed for the open-field planting.
    This excludes the land, land preparation, water system to the irrigation system, labor, security, fencing and other logistical support such as board and lodging for personnel’s

  1. The procedure from the farm shall be owned by the project proponent or its assigned beneficiary.


It is the aim of this project to provide the necessary technology to empower ordinary farmers with a simple and doable method of greenhouse and protective culture of short-term, high-value crops. to the extent that they too can make their own greenhouse and make good money from it.

for short term, high-value fruits and vegetables

HARBEST AGRIBUSINESS CORPORATION  No. 5 Rosemarie Lane, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City    Tel. No. 6717411 to 14    Fax No. 6712232      09175203260

Schedule of Training Sessions

Session 1    Greenhouse construction
                  Seedling culture
                  Basic knowledge for vegetable production
                  Basic plasticulture for commercial production

Session 2    Land preparation
                  Lay-outing, bed making, basal fertilization
                  Installation of plastic mulch
                  Installation of drip irrigation system, principles of irrigation

Session 3    Transplanting of seedlings in greenhouse and open field plots
                  Seedling cultural management in greenhouse and open field

Session 4    Soil management
                  Soil fertility, plant nutrition, fertilizer management
                  Method of applying fertilizer

Session 5    Pruning
                  Importance of pruning to yield and plant growth
                  Actual pruning technique

Session 6    Trellis construction for open field planting
                  Vine training, vine trimming and fruit selection

Session 7    Crop protection
                  Disease management and Pest control
                  Biological control and chemical control
                  Proper application method

Session 8    Harvesting
                  Maturity indices
                  Harvesting method and post-harvest handling

Session  9   Accounting for farmers, cost and return analysis

Session 10   Harvest Festival and Graduation

Training session schedule will be announced once the participants are organized by the project manager. Commitment of the cooperators should be emphasized.


Highway near Tarlac-Pangasinan boundary. Carmen, Municipality of Rosales, Pangasinan

SCHEDULE Jan. 15 to 20, 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 6:00pm ______________________________________________________________________________


To provide hands-on experience on actual field practices for adapted technology from Taiwan for the commercial production of selected vegetables using F1-HYBRID varieties. This simple and doable technology has been proven effective in more than fifty techno-demo and training farm projects completed all over the Philippines in the past five years.

To train prospective trainors among the agricultural technicians and farmer leaders on this technology and to make them capable of providing this technology to their area of influence.


 Speaker –Demy , Patrick and Vani {Day 1(Monday)}

Introduction to the HARBEST AGRITECH Training Program

Schedule of training, policies, rules and regulation, objective of the program

Planning, site selection, crop selection

Proper site development – land preparation

Soil analysis – soil types, soil conditioning, soil testing

Crops and varieties – the F1-hybrid advantage

Determining seed quality, proper handling and use of seeds

Seedling technique, use of seedling nursery, seedling tray, pre-germination,

GROWELL seedling medium, nursery management

Field practice – use of pH and moisture meter, NPK test kit, seed sowing


Speaker – Patrick, Vani, Raffy and Demy {Day 2 (Tuesday)}

Lay-outing, bed formation, basal fertilization

Bed-making – use of plastic mulch, planting distance, hole-making

Transplanting and direct-seeding practices

Cultural management of new transplants, vegetative stage

Field practice – lay-outing, basal application, bed making, plastic mulching , hole-making, Transplanting


Speaker— Mark, Demy and Patrick {Day 3 (Wednesday)}

Pruning – theory and practice of different crops

Plant nutrition, fertilizer application practices – drenching, side dressing, top dressing, foliar

Clean vegetable farming practices – organic sources of nutrients

Cultural management for vine crops - vine training, vine trimming, pollination

Trellising – types of trellis materials, use of culture nets, construction of trellis

Field practice – fertilizer applications, vine training,

vine trimming, pollination, trellising, pruning of selected crops


Speaker - Demy and Patrick {Day 4 (Thursday)}

Irrigation and irrigation systems

Designing and constructing irrigation system

Water Management – irrigation theory and practice, importance of water in plant nutrition

Water sources, tapping water sources, economical use of water, Perforain

Irrigation system. Drip irrigation system, proper drainage and flood control

Farmers Field Visit


Speaker -- Patrick, Raffy and Demy {Day 5 (Friday)}

Plasticulture – use of tunnel-type greenhouse system and Maligaya greenhouse

Pests and diseases, organic and chemical-based pesticides, fungicides and soil Conditioners

Weeds and their control, use of plastic mulching film

Crop monitoring

Field practice - identification of pests and diseases, set up of perforain system, irrigation practices,

Field Practice - Patrick, Raffy, Conrad, Vani and Jr


Speaker – Demy, Patrick and Vani {Day 6 (Saturday)}

Harvesting and post-harvest handling.

Market promotion and development, pricing. Marketing outlets.

Cost and Return Analysis

Graduation ceremony

Field trip may be organized when time permits. Above schedule is subject to change when necessary.

Board and lodging shall be provided at the training center. FARM CONDITION. Accommodation will be four persons sharing one room. Two persons per bed in a prefab nipa hut. Pillows, mat, blanket and mosquito net shall be provided. Two electric fans per room.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks shall be provided. Food will be normal farm cooking. A caterer will prepare the meals during the duration of the training program.


 Daily briefing, hands-on training on field, hand-outs

Includes board and lodging and food per participant P 7,900.00/ person

 Note: A NON-REFUNDABLE RESERVATION FEE OF P 1,000 PER PERSON WILL BE COLLECTED PER PARTICIPANT. If you want to have single bed per person, you may add P1,200.00 (P200 per day). Please contact Mr. Toto Barcelona, Cell No.: 0917-5203260. Tel 671-7411 to 14. Harbest main office.

Fees can be deposited to the following account:

Savings Account No. 3-06250338-7
METROBANK Shaw Boulevard Branch, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Please text your name and amount when deposit is made to Cell No. 0917-8173034, Janet, and indicate ATTP .

All transportation expenses to and from HATDPC shall be borne by the participants.

Before the first training day Sunday 5:00pm. Dinner will be served. Please advise Mrs. Janet Serdan Cell No. 0917-8173034 if you are checking in on evening not later than Sunday 3pm.

Training fee should be paid before the start of the program. The balance may be paid in full on the day of registration; 8:00am. All participants are expected to attend all sessions. No refund will be made after the start of the sessions.


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    Please look for Mr. Albert Serquiña
    Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan (near the boundary of Tarlac and Pangasinan, along the highway)
    Ms. Venus Monta – Cell No. 0917-8173034 Mr. Demetrio Esmatao – Cell No. 0917-345837


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